High Spirits

High Spirits


Petrified Wood, Brown Jasper, Rosewood & Brass 


Petrified Wood, or Wood Opal - a joyful stone that makes open and lively with an unshakeable inner harmony. see the pleasant, positive side of life!

Brown Jasper - untiring and keeps you driven and moving forward. stability and flexibility jump in when needed to keep you on your happy track.

Rosewood - aid in shielding you from negative energy while manifesting dreams and desires.

Brass - for protection.


Due to the fact that each bead is unique slight variations may occur. The Rosewood & Wood Opal beads WILL darken and bring out more character as they take on oils from your skin.


Strung on stretch cord for a flexible fit. This bracelet will fit comfortably around a 7" to 7.25” wrist size. 


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