Get Free of What is Holding You - Diffuser Mala

Get Free of What is Holding You - Diffuser Mala

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Lava, Selenite, Brazilian Amazonite & Obsidian Guru Bead


Get free of whatever is holding you back. Relationships, addictions, grief and the past are just a few things that weigh on us and keep us from moving forward. Set your intentions for growth and free yourself to live your best life.


Lava - is porous and can be used with oils as a diffuser mala. signifies movement, awareness of one's well-being and protection against hollow comprimises.

Selenite - calms irritation and hyperactivity when it shows up and protects against loss of control. powerful in breaking addictions

Brazilian Amazonite - helps you balance your emotions while finding your way towards your destiny with determination. 

Obsidian - resolution and activation of any untapped abilities you can use to move forward.


Freedom Awaits!!


Strung on stretch cord for a flexible fit, this mala measures 34" and can be worn as a necklace or multi-wrapped bracelet. When wrapped as a bracelet it will fit comfortably around a 5.5" to 6" wrist size. Due to the fact that each bead is unique slight variations may occur.


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