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Meanings & Properties



SP – spirit or spiritual aspect

S – soul, subconscious

M – mind, mental aspects

B – body, physical aspects

African Opal - Heart Chakra

SP: freedom, independence

S: stimulates originality and creativity

M: helps to release anger while aiding in expressing one's true self


SP: stability, composure, maturity

S: protection, warmth, security

M: sense of reality, pragmatic thinking, easy resolution of problems

B: for the eyes, hollow organs (like the stomach, intestines), blood vessels and skin. Protective in pregnancy.


Agate – Crazy Lace

SP: dexterity, mental agility, joie de vivre

S: makes life more intense, promotes curiosity

M: helps break the routine of sticking to the habitual

B: very effective against infections, insect bites, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and venous ulcers


Agate – Fire Agate

SP: initiative, commitment

S: cheerfulness, contentment

M: vigour, positive thinking, understanding experiences

B: for excretion, problems of the intestine, especially flatulence, diarrhea, constipation (chronic) inflammation.


Agate – Lamellae/Botswana Agate - Root Chakra

SP: promotes introspection, balance between activity and rest

S: resistance against undesired influences

M: promotes an eye for detail and concentration on the essential

B: good for equilibrium, nerves, senses, skin, lungs, large intestine and bladder


Amazonite - 'The Hope Stone' - Heart & Throat Chakras

SP: determination of one’s destiny

S: emotional balance

M: harmonious interaction of intellect and intuition

B: regulates metabolic disorders (liver), harmonizes the brain, vegetative nervous system, internal organs, facilitates childbirth


Amethyst – dark purple - Third  Eye & Crown Chakras

SP: alertness, impartiality, inner peace

S: helps overcome pain, grief and losses

M: awareness, sense of judgement, contructive thinking and acting

B: good for skin, alleviates pain and tension and lowers high blood pressure


Amethyst – light purple - Third  Eye & Crown Chakras

SP: peace, spirituality, clarification, meditation

S: for intuition, good clear dreams, improves fitful sleep

M: enhances conscious perception and understanding experiences

B: relieves headaches, good for the lungs, skin and nerves


Angelite – Anhydrite

SP: stability, stamina

S: helps withstand extreme psychic strain and overcome insecurity

M: ends fruitless brooding and helps give up obsessions

B: stimulates kidney function, water balance and reduction of oedema

Apatite, blue - Throat Chakra

SP: independence

S: stabilizes, helps combat listlessness and over-exertion

M: promotes independence and ambitiousness 

B: builds up, de-acidifies and helps with rickets, arthrosis, osteoporosis and the healing of fractures


Aquamarine – Beryl - Throat Chakra

SP: farsightedness, foresight

S: bestows perseverance, discipline, light-heartedness

M: clears up confusion, helps to bring unfinished business to a conclusion

B: helps with allergies, hay fever, problems of the eyes, respiratory tract, thyroid gland and bladder


Aventurine Quartz – green

SP: easy-goingness

S: helps with nervousness, stress and sleep disorders

M: helps free from anxiety and roving thoughts

B: protects against heart attacks and arteriosclerosis, alleviates rashes, inflammations, sunburn and sunstroke


Basalt – Lava

SP: well rooted

S: strengthens the inner connection to oneself and others

M: urges one to act according to one’s inner truth

B: alleviates chronic tension, headache, migraine, back pain, pains and constipation

Bloodstone, Heliotrope, Dragon Blood Jasper

SP: immune protection

S: aids setting boundaries

M: helps maintain control

B: fortifies the lymph and immune reaction; helps with problems of the heart, blood vessels and bladder as well as with flu, colds, infections, and inflammation


Traditional material used in malas in Nepal and Tibet. Bone signifies strength, brings wisdom, and amplifies life force energy (prana)
A projective metal that is also associated with Gold and can be used as a substitute for gold in healing/money attracting rituals. Associated with the Sun and Fire element. Brass attracts healing, wealth, and protection. Dispels negative energy, attracts positivity


SP: inner composure

S: lends vigor and inner calm simultaneously, as well as regeneration from chronic exhaustion

M: helps retain a clear head and control under permanent stress

B: fortifies the nerves, releases cramps and relieves pain


Carnelian – Chalcedony

SP: courage, willpower

S: promotes vigor, courage, stability and good moods

M: promotes idealism, sense of community and pragmatism

B: improves quality of the blood, stimulates the small intestine, metabolism, circulation, blood flow.


Cat’s Eye Quartz

SP: insight, detachment

S: aids setting boundaries and helps overcome great barriers at the same time

M: makes it easier to grasp complex contents

B: relieves pain, calms the nerves, helps with hormonal hyperactivity


Citrine -  Solar Plexus & Sacral Chakras Root 

SP: self-assurance

S: makes extrovert and promotes the desire for new experiences

M: helps deal with and understand absorbed impressions

B: fortifies the nerves, helps with sensitivity to weather changes, also helps with bedwetting


Clear Quartz

SP: clarity, neutrality

S: strengthens personal point of view, improves memory

M: improves perceptive faculty, increases awareness and brings clarity in thinking

B: enhances energy flow, fortifies nerves, brains, glands; alleviates pain and swelling



SP: beauty

S: promotes sense of aesthetics, harmony and love for all beings

M: lends playful creativity and promotes sense of justice

B: for fertility; eases cramps and menstrual pains; fortifies the liver and brain


Balancing & Protection stone that absorbs negative energy, promotes friendship, inspires creativity, and provides wisdom. Also known to inspire passion and romance.


Dragon Blood Jasper, Bloodstone, Heliotrope

SP: immune protection

S: aids setting boundaries

M: helps maintain control

B: fortifies the lymph and immune reaction; helps with problems of the heart, blood vessels and bladder as well as with flu, colds, infections, and inflammation


SP: detachment

S: helps take life lightly and alleviates fear, depression, nervousness and stress

M: helps overcome obsessive behavioral patterns (addiction)

B: alleviates headaches, cramps, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting

Falcon's Eye Stone, Blue Tiger Eye

SP: overview, detachment

S: helps with nervousness and inner restlessness

M: makes it easy to retain overview in complex situations and helps with difficulties in decision making

B: relieves pain; helps with shivering and hormonal hyperactivity

Flower Jade

Along with the calming properties associated with Jade, Flower Jade enhances confidence. Flower Jade leads us to gain knowledge from our dreams by helping us get in touch with our spiritual side

Glass (Quartz)

Although man-made, glass has energy like all else in the Universe. “Glass is a melding of the traditional four elements, because through fire and air the silica earth element is made molten and transmuted into a liquid only to return to its earthly state as a solid. It can be made to focus light or allow light to pass through invisibly or carry light waves great distances through tiny strands. Metaphysically, glass represents and carries the energies of transformation, merging of elements, rebirth, focus and communication.” Colors are considered to have their own specific vibrations; therefore glass is considered highly programmable through the addition of color. Glass is formed from re-constituted quartz, so it said to have quartz-like properties that help raise healing energy vibrations.



SP: embellishment

S: helps with discontentment, inferiority complex and depression

M: helps see the positive aspect of things, thus making them easier to bear

B: regulates the glands, nerves and circulation; has a warming effect; fortifies the sexual organs


Protective stone, said to be a Master Healer by stabilizing emotions and bringing peace. Generates good energy by deflecting unwanted energies. Helps to set high goals and stay on a forward moving track.

Heliotrope, Dragon Blood Jasper, Bloodstone

SP: immune protection

S: aids setting boundaries

M: helps maintain control

B: fortifies the lymph and immune reaction; helps with problems of the heart, blood vessels and bladder as well as with flu, colds, infections, and inflammation

Hematite - Root Chakra

SP: survival 

S: promotes striving for improvement of one's situation in life 

M: helps pursue aims with determination and to fight for them if necessary 

B: aids assimilation of iron and blood-building, circulation and blood flow, fortifies the muscles and kidneys 

Hematite with Magnetite

SP: progress, engagement

S: brings vitality, energy and dynamism into life

M: mirrors one’s inner outlook and views

B: aids assimilation of iron and blood-building, stimulates the glands, liver and gallbladder

Horn (red, golden, burnt)

Symbol of gentle strength and friendship


Howlite - Crown Chakra

SP: independence, mindfulness

S: aids taking control of one’s life

M: promotes conscious control of one’s actions

B: fortifies sense of balance; helps with nausea, eases vomiting; ameliorates skin irritation caused by contact poison

Iolite (Cordierite, Dichroite)

SP: firmness 

S: self-assurance; endurance in adverse situations 

M: helps take on responsibility and fulfill duties 

B: strengthens the nerves, helps with paralysis and numb limbs, and bearing pain

Iolite Sunstone (Cordierite, Aventurine Cordierite)

SP: willpower 

S: hope in difficult situations 

M: aids ability to draw spiritual benefit from defeats 

B: releases cramps, boosts performance, stabilizes the circulation and helps with fainting fits

Jadeite (Jade)

SP: balance

S: maintains balance between work and rest

M: aids self-realization with great ease

B: regulates the nerves, kidneys and adrenal glands; maintains water, mineral and acid-base balance


Jasper (Aqua-Terra) - Root Chakra

SP: helps come to terms with situations

S: helps bear energy-sapping situations in life

M: brings joy in simple things

B: enhances cleansing and purification of the connective tissues, stimulates elimination and alleviates allergic reactions


Jasper (brown) - Root Chakra

SP: untiring, spiritual growth

S: promotes stability, perseverance and flexibility

M: helps drive ongoing projects with determination

B: stimulates digestion and elimination, stabilizes circulation and helps with deep exhaustion


Jasper (colored) - Root Chakra

SP: creative power

S: rejuvenates and brings an active emotional life

M: supports creative realization of one’s ideas

B: enhances detoxification and the immune system; regenerates the functional tissue of organs


Jasper (green) - Root Chakra

SP: for resistance and harmony

S: claims emotions, helps express and accept them

M: improves control over thoughts and actions

B: fortifies the immune system, helps with flu, colds, infections and inflammation


Jasper (red) - Root Chakra

SP: willpower

S: makes courageous, dynamic, gives energy and enhances warrior-nature

M: gives courage ofr unpleasant tasks and makes spiritually alert

B: warms and enlivens; enhances blood flow, stimulates blood circulation


Kalahari Picture Stone (Landscape Stone)

SP: staying power

S: strengthens under prolonged strain

M: helps to try again constantly, even after failing

B: aids digestion, the immune system and cleansing of the connective tissues and so alleviates allergies and hay fever


Kiwi Jasper (Sesame Jasper)

SP: tranquility, wholeness

S: nurturing, sustains and supports during times of stress

M: unifies all aspects of life, absorbs negative energy

B: aids with addiction and compulsive behavior

Kunzite (Spodumene)

SP: humility

S: improves empathy, helps with difficulties in making contact

M: helps accept criticism, promotes tolerance and readiness to serve

B: helps with neuralgia, sciatic neuralgia and toothache; releases tension in the heart region


Labradorite - Throat & Third Eye Chakras

SP: reflection, truth

S: sharpens intuition, promotes emotional depth and mediumistic abilities

M: brings forgotten memories to light and helps recognize illusions

B: reduces sensitivity to cold and blood pressure and alleviates rheumatism and gout

Lapis Lazuli - Throat & Third Eye Chakras

SP: truth

S: promotes honesty, dignity, friendship and sociability 

M: helps tell and accept the truth 

B: helps with problems of the throat, larynx, vocal cords, nerves and brain; regulates the thyroid gland

Larimar - Upper Chakras

SP: promotes openness

S: helps increase and demarcate spiritual space as well as digests absorbed impressions

M: broadens sense of perception

B: stimulates brain activity and sensitivity; helps with problems of the chest, throat and head


Lava (Vesicular Basalt) - Root Chakra

SP: movement

S: promotes self-perception and awareness of one’s well-being, condition

M: makes determined and protects against negligence and hollow compromises

B: relaxes the organs of the lower abdomen, eases stiff muscles and warms the limbs

Lemon Calcite

SP: self-esteem

S: fortifies sense of security, self-esteem and joie de vivre

M: makes resolute in disputes

B: stimulates food digestion, assimilation and metabolism; strengthens the skin, connective tissues, bones and teeth



SP: sets boundaries

S: protects against external influences; gives inner peace; helps with sleep disorders

M: frees from distractions; helps concentrate on important aspects

B: alleviates pain in the joints and nerves; sciatica and neuralgia



SP: relaxes

S: makes patient, helps with nervousness, bashfulness and irritability

M: promotes the art of listening

B: helps with migraine, headaches, cramps, colic and tension; guards against deposits in the vessels and heart attack



SP: for activation and orientation

S: increases reflex action

M: stimulates aiming for higher ideals; helps differentiate between useful and useless things

B: stimulates energy flow and activities of the glands; activates the liver and bile production



SP: promotes adventurous intensive life

S: deepens emotional life, helps with sexual difficulties

M: promotes power of imagination and decision
B: stimulates the brain, nerves and liver, detoxifies and helps with rheumatism, cramps and menstrual pains

Midnight Goldstone

Dark Midnight Blue with beautiful flecks of copper suspended inside. Goldstone, like diamond, is a good deflector of unwanted energies, and is highly regarded as a protection mineral. The sparkle from the copper symbolizes light that can always be found in darkness.


Moonstone (grey)

SP: intuition

S: bestows depth of feeling, helps with sleepwalking

M: makes receptive to inspiration and impulses

B: brings hormonal cycle in harmony with natural rhythms, helps with problems during menstruation, after childbirth and menopause


Moonstone (green)

SP: sensitivity

S: helps perceive one’s receptivity for moods and situations

M: enables one to talk about feelings

B: regulates the hormonal system during puberty and in menopause, helps with menstrual pains


Moonstone (Pink or Peach) - Crown Chakra

SP: inspiration, feminine goddess energy, harmony

S: helps express and implement feelings

M: broadens the horizon and helps remain realistic at the same time, new beginnings

B: stimulates the hormonal glands, boosts fertility and helps with problems during menstruation and after childbirth


Moonstone (White) - Crown Chakra

SP: clairvoyance, feminine goddess energy, harmony

S: makes emotional life calm, helps with sleepwalking

M: opens the receptive senses

B: brings hormonal cycles in harmony with natural rhythms, helps with problems during menstruation, after childbirth and menopause



SP: experience

S: promotes variety, fun and intense experiences

M: makes flexible, prompts one to envisage many possibilities and always choose the appropriate one

B: fortifies the spleen, liver, immune system, enhances blood purification and wound healing


Mosaic Quartz (Quartz & Bronzite)

SP: inner composure, neutrality

S: lends vigor, clarity and inner calm simultaneously, as well as regeneration from chronic exhaustion

M: increases awareness, helps retain a clear head and control under permanent stress

B: enhances energy flow, fortifies the nerves, releases cramps and relieves pain.


Obsidian - Root Chakra

SP: resolution

S: rescue remedy for shock, traumas and blockages

M: helps integrate one’s dark side, activates untapped abilities

B: eases pain, tension and constriction of the vessels and enhances blood flow and wound healing


Obsidian (Snowflake) - Root Chakra

SP: awakening

S: dispels fear and emotional blockages

M: motivates to spontaneously materialize ideas

B: enhances blood flow even under-supply, warms up the hands and feet, aids wound healing


Obsidian (Rainbow) - Root Chakra

SP: clairvoyance

S: lends the world of perceptions and undreamed- of depth

M: makes open; intensifies perception and sharpens the receptive senses

B: improves blood flow, eases pain and helps with bad eyesight

Opalite - Third Eye Chakra

SP: imagination

S: energy, purity, flow, spontaneity

M: sparks creativity, amplifies ideas, manifestation


Onyx - Root Chakra

SP: self-assertion

S: boosts self-confidence and sense of responsibility

M: improves rational thinking, logic, control and power of reasoning

B: sharpens sense of hearing, helps with diseases of the inner ear; improves functions of the nerves


Petrified Wood (Wood Opal)

SP: for well-being

S: makes open and lively with an unshakable inner harmony

M: helps see the pleasant, positive side of life

B: gives a healthy appetite, aids digestion, cleansing and excretion


Pink Quartz

SP: self-development

S: makes lively and cheerful, brings joie de vivre; enhances personal talents

M: helps the unfolding of things one enjoys doing and creates soothing ambience

B: brings well-being, soothes the nerves and overwrought senses



SP: acceptance

S: makes it easier to accept oneself and others

M: helps accept unpleasant truths and enhances receptive ability

B: aids processing of fat-soluble substances, stimulates fat metabolism and renewal processes


Pyrite Agate - Solar Plexus & Sacral Chakras

SP: purification, manifestation

S: helps overcome heaviness and strain, motivates

M: prompts to tackle unpleasant situations

B: promotes purification and lymph flow, stimulates the liver, improves elimination and accelerates healing processes



SP: wound healing

S: promotes forgiveness

M: promotes mutual understanding

B: best stone for injuries, bleeding wounds and insect bites; strengthens muscles, heart and circulation; helps with autoimmune diseases and stomach ulcers



Energy stone sometimes called the Stone of Freedom. Aids in carrying heavy burdens, reminding us to go with the flow, not swim against the current. Like flowing water Riverstone accelerates change, speeds the resolution of issues you may be working on, releasing energy throughout this process. Accelerates the properties of other stones that it is paired with.


Rose Quartz - Heart & Throat Chakras

SP: sensitivity, self-love, love for others

S: increases empathy, helps with sexual difficulties

M: clearly illuminates personal needs and the desires of others

B: harmonizes heartbeat and promotes strengthening of sexual organs and fertility


Considered holy and prized in India, Rosewood is a protective wood that shields one from negative energy. Also known for its healing properties and aids in manifesting desires & dreams.



SP: sensory perception, virtue

S: for honesty and strength of character

M: refines perception and aids in understanding

B: enhances all the senses, helps ear problems and tinnitus, fortifies the spleen and prevents relapses after illnesses


Snow Quartz

SP: support, caution

S: helps become aware of one’s potential and put it to use

M: helps express oneself neutrally and objectively

B: directs energy flow to undersupplied areas, helps with weakness, and strengthens the spine and joints


Selenite Stone - Goddess Stone - Crown Chakra

SP: grounding, reliability

S: protects by making un-influenceable, evokes feeling of purity and innocence

M: helps control oneself and conserve one’s energy

B: calms the nerves, reduces pain and release cramps

Selenite Wand - Goddess - Crown Chakra

SP: shielding, control, strong hold on life

S: calms irritation and hyperactivity; protects against loss of control; helps withdraw

M: for conscious perception and dissolution of personal patterns

B: firms up the tissues and relieves pain


Serpentine, Lizardite - Clears all Chakras

SP: gratitude

S: makes happy and lends the feeling of being carried through life

M: enables amicable resolution of conflicts and reconciliation

B: detoxifies, eases over-acidity, helps with cramps, good for the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and digestion


Cleanses, soothes, and enhances the energies of other gemstones.

Smoky Quartz - Root Chakra - Strong Empath Healer

SP: relaxation, grounds, stabilizes, secures

S: releases tension and helps with stress

M: enhances rational, realistic and pragmatic thought processes

B: helps with headaches, tense shoulders and back, relieves pains and strengthens the nerves



SP: search for truth

S: dissipates guilt, helps stand by oneself

M: increases consciousness, idealism and the striving for truth

B: enhances assimilation of fluids; helps with hoarseness, loss of voice, fever, excess weight and high blood pressure


Sunstone - Sacral & Heart Chakras

SP: optimism

S: life-affirming; dissipates fear, anxiety and depression

M: turns attention to personal strengths and the sunny side of life

B: harmonizes the vegetative nervous system and the interplay of the organs

Tiger Ebony (Kamagong)

Wood from the Kamagong Tree native to the Philippines, known for its superior strength. Believed to be one of the best woods for protection from negative people and energies. Considered very useful in the seeking of spiritual strength and exploring intuition and emotion. Helps to root down into the earth and bring peace into your soul.


Tiger’s Eye - Root & Sacral Chakras

SP: gives overview, detachment

S: helps with stress, strain and overwhelming external influences

M: sharpens the senses and helps maintain overview when things are happening fast

B: regulates the adrenal glands; relieves asthma attacks


Tourmaline, blue (Indigolite)

SP: faithfulness and ethics

S: dissipates grief and blocked emotions

M: makes open and tolerant; enhances love for truth and sense of responsibility

B: stimulates water balance and excretion through kidneys and bladder; promotes good healing of burns


Tourmaline, green (Verdelite)

SP: gratitude

S: helps see the miracles of life

M: promotes interest in fellow human beings and the environment

B: detoxifies, strengthens the nerves, heart, intestine, joints and functional tissue; helps with degenerative processes and tumors


Tourmaline Quartz

SP: links polarities

S: helps resolve inner battles and conflicts

M: helps bring contrast into harmony

B: release tension, spasm and hardening; keeps vital and mobile, promotes purification and excretion; fortifies the nerves



SP: fate, friendship

S: harmonizes, cheers and protects from external influences

M: helps recognize cause of happiness and unhappiness and master them

B: helps with exhaustion, hyperacidity, rheumatism, gout, stomach pain and cramps



SP: recovery

S: builds up and strengthens; helps overcome frustrations caused by setbacks

M: teaches not to devalue oneself because of mistakes

B: fortifies the liver and gallbladder, enhances power of regeneration and accelerates healing processes

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