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Let's collaborate on a mala designed specifically for you and your intention.


Malas are such important tools for our meditation practice. They are a companion of energy in our day to day lives and they take on many different roles for different people. If you are looking to be a part of the process in creating a mala that is truly unique and tuned into your intention, then you have found yourself here. Custom malas start at $120 and are usually in the $120 - $180 range depending on time and the value of the gemstones.


Follow the simple steps below to get started:

1. Fill out the online form.
2. Submit the form and your wrist measurement and wait for my confirmation.

3. Upon confirmation I will ask that pay an upfront fee of $50 that will be deducted from your total at the end.
4. Once your payment is processed you and I will begin crafting your custom mala together via text. 
6. After completing your mala I will invoice you for the remaining amount due and shipping fees.

7. Your mala will arrive at your doorstep!


Still have questions?

Get in touch so we can start working together! Click HERE to contact me.

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