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How it Began...

      108th St. History


The journey that led me to 108th St. starts with yoga. Like many of us, I found yoga at a point in my life where I was unhappy and searching for change. I wanted my life to be better, I needed inspiration and I yearned for peace. My best friend saw me struggling, and after years of her own journey with yoga, she convinced me to come to her class. I cried in savasana that first day and everything changed after that. Yoga is now an integral part of my life that never stops teaching, never stops inspiring and allows me to just sit in peace when I need it. The ease of which I can now change course from negative to positive thinking, the compassion to be soft with myself first and the actual feeling of my heart glowing are just a few of the benefits I receive from my practice.


I bought my first mala in my first month of practicing yoga. It is made of red coral and bone and became a huge part of my life during those first years. When I was not practicing I found that just by looking at it, running my fingers over the beads or simply the weight of it could inspire real feelings in me. I know now that I was giving my mala energy and it was sending it back to me. We were working together to find what I needed in whatever moment that arose.The longer you wear your mala the more energy you give to it, and full circle, the more energy you receive back. 


The thought that something that adorned my wrist could be so powerful inspired me to create my own malas so others could feel these feels. At first just for me and a few friends, then to sell in the studios and now much of what I create are custom designs. Free time in my studio has also inspired boho earrings and single wrap bracelets. Much like my journey and evolution through yoga, 108th St. has grown and evolved with me. I attach my energy and well wishes to each mala and send them with the hope that they will make a difference in someone’s life. May you find comfort, may you find happiness, may you find health, may you find whatever it is you’re looking for (crystal quartz helps with that!). 


When I create customs I feel honored that I get to take part in someone’s journey. We connect and we create something that is very personal. Besides the initial connection, I love the feedback and stories that come back to me. A friend recently shared how her mala helped her cope with loss and wanted me to know that what I create matters. I tuck these shared moments in my heart for inspiration and gratitude for what I am able to do. I have found joy in creating happiness for others on my journey, and I hope you find what ignites your soul on yours.


Journey Well,








for your mala


The wonderful thing about your mala is that it is so much more than a piece of jewelry. Sure, you may choose a mala just because you like how it looks, but you can also choose a mala because of the way it makes you feel. The elements that make up each mala have different properties that can comfort you, inspire you, give you strength, and so much more. You can embrace certain powers of these elements or embrace all of the powers they can provide. No matter what you are looking for, your mala becomes a part of you. 


Please take care to respect your mala. When you're not wearing it find a special place for it. Malas with minerals, stones and glass can be cleaned gently with a damp cloth. Wooden malas can be rejuvenated with oils such as grapeseed. If your mala has a tassel you can trim it to a length that you find comfortable. Some people prefer longer tassels, and some very short tassels. Wear your mala a few days before deciding what length you'd prefer. If needed you can wet the tassel, reshape it, and let it completely dry.


is a

Mala beads, mala bracelet, meditation beads, meditation bracelet, malas are known by many different names. Your mala can be whatever you want it to be. It can simply be your favorite piece of jewelry or it can be a meditation instrument set with intentions. You can love it for the pretty stones or you can be open to the energy they have to share. There is no right or wrong. There is a history rich with stories, relations to numbers, symbolism, religion, astronomy, chakras and more for you to research if you wish to do so. Here is a simple summary to start with;


...Traditionally there are 108 beads on a mala. Like a rosary, the beads are used for reciting mantras. Mantras are used in meditation and the mala becomes a tool to keep track of mantras. The large bead that seals the mala is called the Guru bead. Counting begins with the bead next to the Guru bead, and when the Guru bead is reached, counting changes direction and goes back towards the beginning...

Each stone has its own energy that you can find in gemstone meanings.


If your mala breaks it means you are ready to move onto the next part of your journey. You are ready for what comes next. Of course you can contact me and I'll restring your mala but you may find the power has dimmed. I wore a mala for 6 years and it was such a part of me that I restrung it twice only to have it break immediately both times. If that's not a sign...

A Broken Mala signifies an ending
and a beginning.

How to measure your wrist

With tailor measuring tape...


  1. Make sure the palm of your hand is facing up

  2. Open your hand (doing so will ensure you get the real size of your wrist when it’s the largest)

  3. Place the end of the measuring tape in the middle of your wrist, you want to put it on the line where your wrist bone is 1/2 inch higher (in the direction of your elbow)

  4. Wrap the measuring tape around your wrist firmly but not too tightly. The measurement tape should fit snugly around your wrist with no play or space between your skin and the tape. The tape shouldn’t be so tightly wrapped around your wrist that your skin begins to bulge

  5. Read the measurement 


Without tailor measuring tape....

You can use a piece string and use the exact same method as outlined above. Mark where your string meets in the middle and read the size against a ruler or tape measurer

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